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[Review] Persona Q

Persona Q is a spin-off cross over between Etrian Odyssey and the Persona Series, taking the gameplay of EO, and the cast, atmosphere, and mechanics of Persona. There is the Hub, which is the school of the cast of Persona 4, Yasogami High, while ...
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Wanderer's PKHeX Tutorial

Wanderer's PKHeX Tutorial:0.This tutorial assumes you have already setup homebrew on your 3DS, you can find a guide for that here: that you can ignore the rest of Plailect's guide if you ...
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Wanderer's thread for his Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 e-Reader Save Files the release of Super Mario Advance 4 on the Wii U's e-Shop in North America I've updated this archive to use the new version as Nintendo edited...
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Wanderer's Homebrew Starter Kit

Here is my 3DS Homebrew Starter Kit as of 10/19/16: of the SD folder inside the zip file go on your SD Card, the P.C. apps folder is for programs such ...
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Pokemon TCG Cards

Hey guys, I'm looking around on eBay for Pokemon cards and found a few listings. What you think?---
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Lest we forget

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun and in the morning,We will remember them.
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So I need some suggestions for roms and this is what I have:The Legend of Zelda: Wind WakerSuper Smash Bros MeleeSuper Mario SunshineSonic RidersSonic HeroesSonic Gems CollectionSonic Adventure 2 BattlePokemon XDPokemon ColosseumNaruto: Clash of N...
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LF: A helper with computer emulation

I've wanted to play some games that i no longer have/dont work anymore :[If you have a guide or somewhere i can get some roms plzI'd really appreciate next to any help at all... :]Ps2, Wii, or Gamecube emus priority c:
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Mega evolution's and the plot holes some of them make.

I just started this thread to fill in some holes that a few mega evolution's make, for example one of these Pokemon being mega Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl being an ancient Pokemon would have been extinct by the time AZ created the ultimate weapon, so h...
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C++ Coding! YAY! ~WIP~

#include "iostream"using namespace std;int main(){ int number; cout << "Welcome to the virtual vending machine! \r\n Would you like a Coke (1), Sprite (2), Pepsi (3), Water (4), or Lemondade (5)? \r\n Insert your drink's numeral. \r\n"; ...
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The King's Art Museum

Hello!! Here I will be showing stuff I make on photoshop :3I'm not that good okay :PBut here,
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Kamato's DS Pokemon ROM Hack: Help for ideas/Stories/Features wanted!

Name: Pokemon Kamato VersionBy: The Pocket MonstersOriginal ROM: Pokemon Soul SilverProfessor Name: Professor MapleGender: FemaleRegion: DeltiaTo be added ideas:-Pokemon Nests, details on that here: http://kyle-
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May be worth noting...

That this site tends to look much better when you have an ad-blocker enabled.
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