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[Pinned] Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Hello Everyone,The main intention of this place has and always will be where friends come to hang out, get assistance with things, and to "catch them all". I am hoping that by now most of us have what we need to start this next journey in Generati...
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breeding and/or ev training servies

Hello everyone, and welcome to jammy's breeding and even training center.What I offer is breeding iv's and nature onto Pokemon.(Cannot currently do EM/HA)All I ask in return is a Pokemon from below to help complete my national Dex.If I do not have...
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THE FUN HAS BEEN DOUBLED! Er, yes, moving on then.Anything you need with these, I can do. While I'll try to check everyday, school does come first, so please be patient if I haven't gotten back to you that day.Please be sure all pokegen requests ...
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M-DitzyDoo2227Small JadeX92 3y
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Pokegenning process

Ok heres the deal about how I will be handling Pokegen from now on. Download Pokegen from here: make the .pkm files for me using Pokegen. Place the .pkm files in...
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Wanderer3445Small GoldenDemonWolf 3y
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BP Items & Super Training Stone Farming

Yo. I'm not sure when I'll be free, probably this Summer, and when I'll be on but I'm up for getting BP Items & Stones from the Super Training for anyone who wants sometime. Granted though I still need to find my 3DS, I suppose someone in my f...
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I can Pokegen

Basically, I use a method which involves modifying the save file on my game cartridge. This means I can bring over boxes of pokemon in one go.Generally it involves Genning pokemon, putting them into the save file Setting up my secondary router (wi...
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Ev training

Hi guys i will ev train your pokes just tell me what you want training and your offer please use this guide:Pokemon name:Nature:Pokemon:Ev spread:Payment:FC and IGN:
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Free Ev Training 6iv Tropius

If you would want a tropius perfect for Ev training post below please.Pokemon name: TropiusNickname: NoneNature: AdamantAbility: HarvestIV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31Gender: MaleItem: Wide LensMoves: Earthquake, Fly, Razor Leaf, and Sweet ScentPokeball: ...
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TemptressCerise's +&- Mini Shop

Welcome to TemptressCerise's +&- Mini Shop~! I am the official Site Owner/Admin of the +&- Guild, and so today, I am opening this Mini Shop for Pocket Monsters members, please keep in mind, I am not always free and this is a one-woman op...
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TemptressCerise7729Small Zor0ark 3y
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PowerSave Poke- Clone/Shine/Pokeball/More

Well, the title says it all.I can use powersave to clone pokemon/items/pokeball. Clone/Shine Set up:*Shine set up can be done quick just like clone. Both will take less than 10 minutes or a bit more depending on quantity. I might need to do shine...
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Kedge81291Small Kedge 3y
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Perfect Shiny Starter Set

Sorry for earlier post couldn't access page without it. :PNow I need for the guild:Pokemon name: SquirtlePokemon Nickname: NoneDesired nature: ModestDesired ability: Rain DishDesired IV's: 31/X/31/31/31/31Desired gender: IdcDesired egg moves: Aura...
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Shinyzxerneas171231Small Shinyzxerneas 3y
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EV Training Service

Id be more than happy to do horde EV training for anyones pokes. Just let me know which stats you want trained.My estimated time of training completion is about 15 minutes if I'm not swamped with other work. But may take a bit longer on rare occas...
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Offer a service

power save sevice

I can clone make shiny or produce items all I ask is for a clone of what you want me to do if I need it or like it
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