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Help me!

Game development: Helpers needed!

Nobody will probably read this but I'm planning on doing something big, and I need all the help we can get.Here's my journal with all the info, I'm mak...
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Help me!


the pokemons are need are the following002 005008009011012013014015019020021023024027028030031032033034035038039404345475152535556576162636468697071737577808285868889909396979810310610710911011211411811912212312412613613914114815315415615715916116...
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Help me!

The Freshy Foundation

Help me, Freshy, Re-breed all of Kanto. I'm not asking you to breed them for me so don't close this tab just yet! What i ask of you is to just send all your Kanto breedjects my way! Any breedject you have that falls into the categories of what i n...
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Help me!

LF Pokedex Help

So, I'm trying to complete my Dex, and since on GameFAQs noone seems to be willing to help, I wanted to ask you if you could help me c:For the Central Kalos Dex I need the following:PlusleSwalotScraggyScraftyGloomVileplumeBellossomFurretAromatisse...
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Help me!

LF: Some Pokegen work

Let me know if you're up for it lol
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Help me!

Eeveelution Breeding Project

Each and every eeveelution will be bred in custom made balls by me.Thread is a reminder ^_^
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Help me!

LF Someone who can do difficult EVs

I have a Snover that needs112 HP 144 Atk 252 SpatkI can offer a wide variety of things, such as-Love Ball CherubiLevel Ball CyndaquilMoon Ball LitwickMoon Ball CroagunkMoon Ball AbsolSport Ball HA TorkoalMoon Ball FeebasLove Ball RaltsMoon Ball Mi...
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