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Kamato / Mar 15, 2014
Hello, and welcome!

Looking forward to seeing to you guys on this site soon!
If you're signed-up, and new here, why not stop by our Welcoming Thread?(
Read up on the rules (nothing too strict), and post an introduction for yourself!

While you're at it, click the message box at the top right corner of the screen to join the live chat!

ATTN: If a member is in-active for 15 days, they will be removed. But fret not if you're removed, simply re-apply, and, upon assured acceptance, all your account data will be restored. Additionally, if you know you'll be inactive for 15 days, but will, in fact, be coming back, inform me, Kamato, or a mod, and post about it in the shout box.

I hope you enjoy you're time here!

PokeBall Paradise!

Wanderer's Edit: With the 3DS era coming to a close we have decided to move the guild to Discord for the Switch era and onward.
Shivtr will still exist as a Museum though.
We hope to see you there!