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#12584938 Jul 30, 2016 at 11:35 AM
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Hello Everyone,

The main intention of this place has and always will be where friends come to hang out, get assistance with things, and to "catch them all". I am hoping that by now most of us have what we need to start this next journey in Generation 7. If not, I want to make sure personally that you do receive what you want or still need. Since the announcement of Sun and Moon I have been patiently awaiting to get back into pokemon. Now seems like a super great time. I want everyone and anyone who comes here to have as many possibilities as we can provide to them.

Services through this guild will always include: trading, shinfy, TSV checking, 6th gen pokegen, and all other powersave services.

Happy late Birthday Wes. I hope you had a good one. Anyone who hasn't told him, if you get a min or the time to let him know it would be much appreciated.

Sun and Moon news will be posted always on Serebii and then a little later here by one of our lovely guild memebers. When the launch of Sun and Moon happen the full swing of new pokemon to catch, breed train, shinify, ETC. I will be there on launch and for many months following. Time to max those clocks at 999.59 just like all the other games (considering nothing changes and they increase the clocks xD)!!!!!!!

ALSO, I want to thank each and everyone one of you who have been here since the beginning and the new people. Without all of you and your vast love for the game and wanting to be the very best this guild wouldn't be as fun or as awesome as it is. Everyone have a good time and a great day.

For anyone who has a request or needs something. Please use Gamefaqs as your request message. Checking messages on here is very laggy for me anyways. SEARCH: OMINOUSENTITY

Before I leave off on this message. Let's do a giveaway. Everyone comment a specific pokemon and build you know the iv's, moves, shiny or not etc. I'll do a huge giveaway on Gamefaqs and personally give everyone here one.

If no one can come to a decision it will be a 5iv shiny female protean froakie.

#12627401 Aug 15, 2016 at 07:49 PM
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I believe OE has summed up things pretty nicely but I'll add a few things myself. I will be doing the usual event giveaways for the more harder to obtain event Pokemon such as the Gamestop Serial Code events, I'll probably skip the Internet distribution events as they are not really needed.

I also intend at some point before Sun and Moon to create a thread for people with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire who still don't have the Eon Ticket and don't want to use Powersaves or PKHeX in order to obtain one to have one last chance to get one via the Streetpass Relay method that I will further explain in that thread.

Be sure to mention if you don't want Sun and Moon spoilers as there have been a very large number of leaks so far for Sun/Moon and there will probably be more in the coming days.

Alright, I think thats everything but I can always make another post in this thread in case I forgot something.
I leave you with this countdown timer link for the Japan and U.S. release of Sun and Moon. While its unfortunate that Europe is getting the game later there is really nothing we can do about that.
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PKHeX user. Seriously though, remember that it takes time to trade a bunch of Pokemon back.
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