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King of Heroes Zed

Rank: Building Extraordinaire
Online: 10 hours ago
Joined: Jun 29, 2014
Nick Name: Zed
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
State/Province: NY
City: Brooklyn
Feel free to call me Zed. I'm an avid battler most predominantly in NU and some other than OU, however I can do overused based battles as well. I'm always up for testing different strategies, so feel free to run ideas by me and lets see what we can come up with c:
Forum Signature:
Primary FC: Trainer Name:Zed (Gilgamesh) | 3DS FC: 1375-7555-0975

~All Hail Lord Shen! [NU Lord of all China!]

Now King of The Pocket Monsters 2015 LC Division!