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Hiker Sage

Rank: A Site Member
Online: over 2 years ago
Joined: Mar 12, 2016
Nick Name: Sage
Gender: Male
Country: Canada
State/Province: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
To whomever may be reading this, greetings! I'm Sage, a right old soul of a dorkasaurus from the Great White North. I've been playing Pokemon since those halcyon days of big square cartridges and bleep-bloopy chiptunes, and the series has had me hooked ever since. I dabbled a little in competitive play back in the DPP era, but fell off the gaming wagon until just recently. I'm looking to see what a bit of an old touch can learn in this crazy new world of Fairy-types and 3D models.

Above any other style of play, I'm particularly interested in draft league format, and starting up a team of my own. A recording mic and 3DS capture set are on their way in the mail, and I intend to start up a video channel for my forays into this new frontier of Pokemon. Link will be up whenever I can get around to making it happen, so look forward to that! For the uninitiated in draft format, I highly recommend looking up a couple of the bigger Youtube leagues such as the GBA (Global Battle Association), UCL (United Championship League), and whatever others you might encounter. It's a brilliant way to try playing with more than just the standard OU roster, and creating synergy out of a drafted, mixed-tier set of monsters.

See you lot around the site!