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Overview, Badges Sig Rule

Kamato / May 17, 2014
First of all, thanks very much Sir of Epicness, FroakieBloke, for setting this thing up! Ok, now that that's out of the way.

Gracious member GoldenDemonWolf is creating badges for our league, that you are to put in your sig upon beating a gym. You may put the picture of the badge in your sig upon beating the respective gym (or the name of the badge if you cannot find its graphic). BUT. If you're caught putting the gym badges of gyms you didn't beat in your sig, AUTO-BAN FROM OUR LEAGUE FOR AN ENTIRE 3 MONTHS. That is all. Have fun!


If you are a gym leader/E4 please contact me to help design your badge.

Champion: Each champion will get a custom ribbon badge. Only champions can wear their own. o3o so if you haven't been a champion, you do not get a custom champion ribbon.
I didn't save my battle video with prince .-.
GDWolf, I think I sent you a message lol

@ShinyZxerneas Leaders can challenge other leaders and get their badges??? O.o
Sure, we have 9 gyms in total, so leaders too can get 8 badges, and compete in the league! c:
zor0ark's Badge:
Where is my badge D:
Yep DunBejAy!
W00t. So we open up our gyms and start battling when we get our awesomely designed GDWolf badges? lol
Yep. Lol

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